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Home Hacks 2 – Cold this winter?

During these winter months we’re all trying to keep our homes warm without digging too deep into our pockets. Sealing drafts is a simple and energy conserving way of preventing that warm air escaping, and thankfully is cheap and quick to accomplish in many instances.

The objective is to find those drafts or places in and around windows, doors or other areas where the air can escape. A common solution are ‘Draft Excluders’. These are rubber, foam or plastic tubes or rolls usually with a strip of double sided tape, which are stuck around the nooks and crannies to fill in any gaps. They are generally flexible, allowing them to expand to complete such gaps keeping warm air inside the house and reducing your heating bill.

The draft excluders can be sourced from medium to large hardware stores, as well as in some retail stores during winter months. Generally effective draft exluders can be available for little more than £10, and if any drafts are sealed correcty, would be immediately improve in comfort and peace of mind that heating costs will potentially be reduced.